Andrew and Michelle's Rustic Wedding - Pimrose in the mountains

February 25, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

What an awesome wedding! We love rustic settings and you can't get any more rustic than at the Pimrose Cabins in the San Gabriel mountains of Southern California. Andy did something we've never seen done before! He built a best man!! Yep! He and his fellow team of engineers designed and built a robot best man, and even won a robot competition doing it. When the officiant asked for the rings this robot comes down the ramp (see photos below).  It was a blast seeing the reactions from the guests and the wedding party some were in complete shock, while others looked as if they were ready to stand up and cheer as they watched this 5 foot tall robot lumber down the ramp decked out in it's own bow tie. The robot then stops turns towards the groom and then tosses a basketball to the groom scaring the bridesmaids to death I might add!. The basketball held inside of it the wedding rings. What a very cool and totally awesome wedding this was.



Andy designed this robot to shoot a basketball which had the wedding rings enclosed. It was a surprise to everyone and we think almost caused a few of the bridesmaids to run and hide!



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